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Technical - Corrugated Board Production
What is Corrugated Board?
A corrugated board is made up of a number of paper layers glued together; the middle layer (medium) is fluted during the process and sandwiched between the two outer layers (liners).

Principle Behind Corrugation
Corrugated board uses a continuous series of arches to support the two outer layers, providing a light weight, protective barrier that is stronger that its component parts.

When a piece of combined board is placed on its end, the arches form columns, capable of supporting a great deal of weight. When pressure is applied to the side of the board, the flute between the liners collapse, acting as a cushion to absorb the impact energy and protect the container’s contents. The flutes also serve as an insulator, providing some product protection from acute temperature changes. The vertical linerboard combines with the flutes to provide even more strength and protects the contents from damage.
The production process of corrugated boards can be separated into two main stages
  1. Manufacturing of corrugated board
  2. Converting sheets of board into printed boxes
Technical - Corrugation Process
Corrugating Process
The corrugator is a set of machines in line, designed to bring together three or five sheets of paper to form single or double wall board. This operation is achieved in a continuous process.

Simplified and Condensed Illustration of the Corrugator and its process
Fluting paper is conditioned with heat and fed between corrugating rolls in the Single Facer which give the paper its fluted shape. Starch adhesive is applied to the tips of the flutes and the inner liner is glued to the fluting. The corrugated fluting with one liner attached is called single face and it travels along the machine to the Double Backer where the single face meets the outer liner to form corrugated board. The corrugated board is then scored, cut according to box sizes and stacked.
Technical - Converting Process

Converting Process
The Corrugated boards are converted into finished products like boxes, trays and partitions. The processes employed are Printing, Die-cutting, Stitching and Gluing.

Flexographic Printing
Corrugated boards are printed according to customer requirements in flexographic printers.

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC's) Specialized machinery creases and slots the printed sheet, folds it and glues it to form the regular carton that most people refer to as a "box".


Die Cutting is applied to convert the boards into boxes or pads with non-standard shapes and sizes.

Gluing or Stitching
The printed or die-cut corrugated boards may be glued or, if a stronger bond is required, stitched with metal staples according to customer requirements.

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